auto body repair testimonials

Karen P.

You guys are awesome! My car was finished on schedule and it looks perfect. Thanks!

Kent I.

Super job on my Toyota! Your office staff is so friendly and very helpful.

Kandi F.

You really did a great job! I'll definitely come back to you when I need more services.

Aude D.


I found Bedford Auto Body on my way home from visiting the millionth repair shop in search of a fair estimate and ability to actually fix my car. Let's just put it this way, I am not the best driver hence the reason why I managed to bump/scratch a good portion of the paint on my car. I was worried about finding a place that could not only fix the indentations but also perfectly match the color with the rest of the car (we've all seen the crappy paint repair that doesn't match, YUCK aka no thanx, ill keep the bump/scratch/dent !)

Friday- I walked into the store all frowny faced after receiving yet another ~$2000 estimate  where I was met by Greg the owner who took the time to listen to what I wanted done and propose the best solution he could. Not only did he give me a fair estimate which was about half of what most of the other places were asking but also he pointed out another scratch/bump/dent I hadn't noticed on the car. I felt confident trusting him with my car after reading the thank you notes plastered all over his office, yelp reviews,  along with shiny cars outside he had just fixed. He was also so very nice and funny it only took him a few seconds to flip my obvious bad day ( also helped that he sent me off with delicious bottle of wine lol )

Monday- dropped the car off as planned no problemo

Wednesday- He was done right on schedule as promised and best of all, I couldnt even tell which side of my car I had damaged, that's how great the repair was, perfect color match. Remember the second scratch/bump that Greg had noticed while assessing my car ? VANISHED. I had wanted to get it fixed when he pointed it out but couldn't afford it on top of my original repair but he still fixed it ! At that point you can imagine how hard I was grinning but Greg managed to make me an even happier customer by sending me off with a hug and yet another delicious bottle of wine !

As mentioned before I am terrible driver but thanx to Greg, my car will now always have a safe repair shop to go to whenever I harm her (hopefully not too soon). Lol

PS: if you ever read this Greg, you are the best 😀 Thank you for the amazing service.

Paulie H.


I stopped by to get a quote and was pleasantly surprised with a free helping hand from the owner. I bought an aftermarket steel bumper for my fj cruiser. I had tried installing the new bumper, but after a failed attempt decided it would be worth the 100 bucks, avg. over the phone quote by two other places to get it professional bolted on. I already took off the plastic bumper, but I do not own an air drill for bolts and the bumper weights 100 lbs. hence a lot easier with drill, jack stands and helper. Greg at first told me his worker best for the job was not available but once I explained the job, he offered to quickly help me throw it on. He was a hell of a hand and within 20 mins I was leaving w the bumper installed. I would return to Greg if I need additional work done in the future and recommend him to others.

Zarifa M.


My car has been hit in the parking lot. Geico - other side car insurance gave an unfair estimate.I took my car to Bedford Auto Body  shop and he gave honest and fair estimate.Greg checked the level of damage even found damage that has not been recognised by the other sides auto damage adjuster. He provided a fair estimate and great customer service. He is super friendly and customer oriented.
I highly recommend this place!

Peter W.


Grep is such a funny guy who never lacks sense of humor. It's always enjoyable talking with him. That being said, the shop has done a great job fixing the fender and bumper of my two cars.

Andrew C.


This place is amazing! I stumbled on this place by accident when looking at another body shop in the area, and I'm sure glad I decided to go inside. Greg and his crew do great work. I took my car in to fix some scratches on my new car and they fixed them within a couple hours. They have a helpful and friendly staff, and the pricing is very reasonable as well! Quick and free quotes on the spot. I'd recommend anyone to check them out. Great job Bedford Auto Body!

Brian G.


We were rear-ended and our car suffered significant auto body damage.  We asked a mechanic friend of ours where he'd recommend we take the car to get fixed.  Without hesitating, he said Greg Bedford.

We're so glad he pointed us to Greg.  Greg does impeccable work, paying close attention to detail - i.e. matching paint color and aligning the body panels perfectly etc.  Plus, he made the whole process of working with the insurance company as easy as possible for us.

When he was done with the car, it looked as good as new.  The hatchback had been badly damaged in the accident and it works perfectly again.  It's been a couple of months since we picked up the car and we're still extremely happy with the work Greg did.  Plus, he's a great guy who obviously enjoys what he does.

Kimber D.


I brought my 2014 Volkswagen Passat to Greg at Bedford Auto Body for some scratches and a dent on one side of the car. Not only did they fix this problem, Greg made sure my car was in top condition when I picked it up. There was a small, but deep scratch that he fixed at no charge. Thank you Bedford Auto Body for making my car look brand new again!!

Eric J.

I was worried that my car would never be the same, but it looks great! The paint matches perfectly! Good job!

Tommy D.

My Camaro looks great! Thanks for the fast repair. I recommend you to all my friends.

Deborah P.


Just got my car back, after an altercation with a parked car. All dents have been removed, the paint job looks great! Greg was easy to work with, and helped me deal with the insurance company for the best outcome.

Hopefully, no more dents, but I know where to go, now.

Anuta B.


Just got my car back today and I have never been more impressed with a business in this field as I have been with Bedford Auto Body.  Immaculate work - looks absolutely brand new. Fantastic service. THANK YOU SO MUCH Creg!

There are rare moments when you have an experience that completely flips your world upside-down. Bedford Auto Body was such an experience. The quality craftsmanship is the kind we dream of but seldom receive. If anyone needs their auto repaired from a dent, from an accident, from vandalism, for any reason, take it to Bedford Auto Body and you will be so happy with the results...

First of all Creg Bedford (the owner) has so much integrity and kindness its unbelievable. So human, so awesome. Serious professionals.

Unfortunately,  my car was vandalized and I was so upset with my insurance, they made 2 separate claims with $1,000 deductible for  each claim - one for window glass broken and another one for rear bumper damaged. On Sunday, I spent few hours in a search of a good body shop... After reading good reviews on Yelp, I choose few and when I went there - all were closed (around 2pm). Luckily, I found the one Bedford Auto Body  was still opened  and I was impressed when I saw the owner Creg working on a car, he took a very good care of reparing it. I felt confident to leave my car into his hands. I couldn't afford to pay $2000 deductible , he gave me the best quotes...And helped me to save a lot of money.  Its hard to believe that my car looks brand new.

Creg's team is quick, efficient, reliable, honest and professional -  AMAZING OUTSTANDING work!!!!  I  can't thank them enough and am always glad to recommend Bedford Auto Body to anyone in need of quality auto body repair. Creg  is super friendly and helpful, Best in the business. I'll definitely go here again

Elizabeth D.


What an awesome body shop! Greg is so friendly and was a pleasure to work with. As previous Yelpers have mentioned, he really turned around what was a crappy situation with his attentiveness and professionalism. He provided me with a very fair, competitive estimate in a matter of minutes, and did a beautiful job on my beloved Civic.

There are plenty of body shops to choose from on Old Middlefield, but look no further! Greg and his team do impeccable work and I will enthusiastically recommend them to anyone in the Mountain View area in need of a "Dent Doctor".

Kenny Y.


What an amazing job Greg & crew did on my 2001 A6!   I bought an after market bumper & grill to make it more current... 2 other body shops didn't want to take on the challenge & basically turned me down.  Brought it to Bedford body & Greg took the time to go over the details of the install.  The new "RS" grill kit had a piece that instructed to glue it on to the hood.  Greg texted me with photos of it and was concerned it would not hold up on high speed.  Plus it looked really cheesy, it had a huge gap & just cheap looking!  He suggested fiberglass for added strength & the flow of the hood... At this point, no turning back so I said, "let's go for it!"  Wow!!! Greg did his magic & made the grill kit look factory.  He text me with photos of the progress.  Beyond my expectation!  Thank you Greg!!!

Helen H.


Greg is really a nice man, very friendly, professional, and customer oriented. This is my best experience I've ever had with a body shop. He listened my concern carefully and fixed my left fender immediately for free, which may cost me more than 2k if replace it.
I highly recommend Greg Bedford!

Daniel W.


Greg did a great job at restoring my driver side fender and offered a very competitive price for the job.  I think he may have offered too good of a price so I decided to leave a nice tip for him as well when the job was all done.

Next time I have an issue with my car, I will be going to his shop to check out what he suggests!

Johnny K.


Brought in my wife's brand new Jeep because someone hit her bumper and took off. Service was great, price was reasonable, and turnaround was amazing.
The Jeep looks like nothing ever happened. I would highly recommend Bedford!

Rachel P.


What a great experience! I got into a pretty bad fender bender last month and my hood was completely busted. I had originally gone to another shop closer to my work, but they suggested I go to Bedford. I was greeted by Greg, who is very friendly and offered me a bottle of wine to ease the stress I was under. I was so frazzled to get to the car rental office, I accidentally left the wine there that day! Fast forward to today. It's been a whole month without my car, and let me say, it's been pretty rough without it. The wait time was in no way Greg's fault, but my insurance company and the adjuster dragging their feet a on getting the appraisal taken care of, and then there were extra damages on top that were unforeseen. At the end of the day, my car looks like it did prior to the accident, and drives just as well. I'm really happy with my experience at Bedford Auto Body and will recommend anyone looking for a new body shop to go there! OH, and Greg gave me a nice bottle of Syrah today as I was leaving with my freshly cleaned car. Thanks again Greg, it was a pleasure doing business with you!!